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novum (Germany, 2016)
Juliet Art Magazine (Italy, 2014)
Sculpture Magazine blog
NYFA Interview (2012)
T-Squat (Australia, 2011)
Refraction Art (U.S., 2011)
Interviewed by Anna Hascher (Germany, 2011)
Home Concepts Magazine (Singapore, 2010)
The Open End (U.S., 2009)
Interviewed by Elizabeth Elson (U.S., 2008 - video)


Selected Magazine Features

novum 11.16
novum, Germany

Juliet Magazine
Juliet Art Magazine, Italy

Where Magazine
Where Magazine, Washington DC, USA

Elle Decor Germany
Elle Decoration, Germany

Retail Focus Magazine
Retail Focus Magazine, UK

Home Concepts, Singapore

Elle Decor, Italy


Machina, Poland





Selected Newspaper Features

Don't miss Johns's spectacular new bronze 0-9, Anselm Kiefer's fantastical collage, or the gorgeous swirling piece by newcomer Mia Pearlman.
And few works are as dynamic as Mia Pearlman’s “Inrush” — whorls of white paper that descend on the gallery with gale force from a recessed window. The installation brings to mind Hokusai’s “Sudden Gust of Wind,” as well as the chilling paper storm of 9/11.
Karen Rosenberg, NEW YORK TIMES
The New Yorker The best pieces, notably Mia Pearlman’s crashing waves of cut and painted paper in the windows, dig into the connection between creation and destruction. Vince Aletti, THE NEW YORKER>
The Boston Globe Mia Pearlman's cut-paper "HEMITROPE" is a fantastic, cyclonic structure bursting off the wall.
Among the impressive, mesmerizing works in the show [is] Mia Pearlman's smoky, swirling Inrush. NEW YORK MAGAZINE>
The New York Times Mia Pearlman’s extremely detailed atmospheric charcoal and graphite drawings of swirling cloud formations allude to different kinds of weather. Ms. Pearlman takes something relatively mundane and presents it in a way that is transfixing.
Benjamin Gennochio, NEW YORK TIMES
The sheer architectural scale of some of the paper installations is staggering: Mia Pearlman's work, for example, exhibits a level of dynamism and force that is somewhat unexpected in such a humble material.
Glass sculptor Mia Pearlman puts a shine on her art at Urban Glass.

Selected Press:

Lansing City Pulse "A Poem From Death Row" 3.16.23 (review of DIGEST)
The Republican/Mass Live 6.28.18 (newspaper article)
The New Yorker - 1.5.15 (review)
American Craft (magazine feature)
Where Magazine DC (magazine feature)
W Magazine (2012)
The New York Times - 10.19.09 (review)
The New York Times - 10.09.09 (review)
New York Magazine - 1.03.11
Surface Design Journal
(magazine feature)
NY Arts Magazine (magazine profile)
Boston Phoenix (review)
Boston Globe, 2009 (review)
Boston Globe, 2007 (review)
NY Press (newspaper feature)
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (newspaper feature)
Islip Bulletin (newspaper article)
New York Art Beat (review) (review)
Craft: (magazine feature)
The Open End (interview)
Accessible Art (profile)
Refraction Art (interview)
Paper Art Trends (iPhone application)
Retail Focus Magazine (feature)
Computer Arts (feature article)
Interface (review)
Elle Decoration Germany
GMag / English translation (.doc)
Elle Decor Italia
Arte Progressiva
Machina (article)
South China Morning Post (newspaper article)
New India Press (newspaper article)
Home Concepts Magazine (interview)
BOB Magazine
Art Collection + Design p1 / p.2 / p.3
Arte al Día Internacional
(magazine article)

NY Arts Magazine, USA

Surface Design Journal, USA

Sculpture Magazine, USA

New York Press, USA