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Fun Projects


Printemps window, 2015

Printemps is a beloved and venerable shopping destination on Paris's Boulevard Haussmann that celebrated its 150th anniversary in March 2015. For their anniversary they invited 11 artists from all over the world to create new artowrks in the store's window using their theme, Pantone Rubine red (a shade of hot pink) and flowers.

VOLUTA, 2009

VOLUTA is a limited edition laser cut sculpture made of translucent high impact polystyrene. Fun and easy to construct, VOLUTA offers art lovers of all ages the opportunity to create and own a complex, luminous “paper” sculpture. In just minutes you can transform a flat piece of laser cut material into a swirling, three-dimensional vortex.

VOLUTA is meant to hang in a window or near a light source, but can also sit on a pedestal or horizontal surface. Several feet of monofilament is included for hanging. Each VOLUTA is individually signed and numbered by the artist. Enjoy!

PRICE: $195


Mass market album cover and inserts (CD and LP) for Thursday's new album "No Devolucion" >

More info: Epitaph Records

Limited edition laser cut CD cover for Thursday's new album "No Devolucion">

More info: Epitaph Records