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Recent and upcoming artist talks include: the Textile Study Group of NY, The Museum of Arts and Design, Tyler School of Art, Cornell University, the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, CUNY, the Decorative and Fine Arts Society of Bergen County, NJ, and Columbia University.

Some comments from audience members:

"Her presentation was an artistically crafted artist’s statement about how she works and how her work continually evolves. Well edited, orchestrated, and explained, with a thoughtful progression of images. It was one of the best programs I’ve heard – and seen – for a long time."

"She was natural, well prepared, thoughtful, articulate, intelligent, besides talented. She got a wonderful reception [from the audience]."

"Your work was amazing and your lecture inspirational. Thank you so much for speaking to our group."

"I want to thank you again for your wonderful lecture to our [Columbia University] students yesterday. I had a chance to speak to every teacher who was there, and they all mentioned how genuine, engaging and articulate you are! Your presentation launched many extremely interesting discussions in the classes that followed. I hope you’ll come back again another semester."

"Thank you for presenting your work at Tyler. It was an excellent presentation!"


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Photo: Catrina Genovese