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Fun Projects | Windows

Printemps is a beloved and venerable shopping destination on Paris's Boulevard Haussmann that celebrated its 150th anniversary in March 2015. For their anniversary they invited 11 artists from all over the world to create new artowrks in the store's window using their theme, Pantone Rubine red (a shade of hot pink) and flowers. They gave me complete creative freedom, and I chose to interpret their theme through one of my main inspirations, Japanese Rinpa screen painting. Cherry blossoms are a common motif and symbol of spring in Japanese art, and the Printemps anniversary coincided perfectly with the first cherry blossoms in Paris. I used some of the cut paper pieces from my 2012 installation ONE at the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington DC, and created new cut paper forms resembling pink cherry blossoms, that I folded on site to become three dimensional. The idea was a winter storm blowing through and leaving spring in its midst.

Press: I Prefer Paris, Retail Focus (UK)